The University of Madras, organized on the model of London University, was incorporated on 5th September 1857 by an act of the legislative council of India.

It has progressed and expanded through the nineteenth century to span the whole of south India and subsequently gave birth to and nourished a number of daughter Universities.

The main campus of the University of Madras is located on the Marina in Chennai.  The stately historic Senate House, the library building with its commanding Clock Tower, the huge Centenary Auditorium and the massive Centenary Building are some of the architectural delights of the spawning University campus at Chepauk, which speak of its glorifying history and heritage.

The motto of the University is “DOCTRINE VIM PROMOVET INSITAM” which in English means “Learning promotes (one’s) natural (innate) talent”.

The University of Madras, since its inception has been the hallmark of academic excellence, spearheading the theme of professionally competent and enterprising students.

The dynamism and the stature of the University are reflected in the recognition it has received throughout the world.  The UGC has identified the university as “University with Potential for Excellence”.